XFCE and VNC server prepared environment

Earlier we described the installation and configuration of the xfce and VNC Server environments in “manual mode”. We have created a convenient auto install script for our customers. Now, all you need is to place an order with the necessary options or select the desired recipe when reinstalling the system.

How to create a mysql database on hosting

The most popular database management system is MySQL. It is often used to create websites on the Internet. It is suitable for both large portals and small websites. Learning to work with it is not difficult. By working with MySQL databases phpMyAdmin is usually used. Why MySQL MySQL DBs are

A strange redirect appeared on some WordPress sites.

Today, April 10, 2019, we were approached by several clients who have discovered that on the sites managed by WordPress appeared some redirects they didn’t do . Our experts investigated the problem and came to the conclusion that the problem in the Related Posts plugin ( /wp-content/plugins/yuzo-related-post directory ). That
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