Affilate Program

1. About the affilate program offers anyone interested to take part in our affiliate program. Its aim is to attract more clients to our hosting services and provide our affiliates with a fixed share of all the payments made by the referred clients

By promoting our hosting services and attracting new clients, you can get up to 25% of all the payments made by the clients you referred. Below you can find a more detailed table with your potential rewards:

Your Share Depending on the Order Type
VDS Dedicated Hosting
20% 10% 30%

Let’s suppose you have one referred client that pays €39.99 for our VDS service. According to our affiliate program terms, you will get 20% of the payment this client makes, which amounts to €8.

Attracting clients can be done using banners and links that contain our unique code. After the payment for our hosting services is made by the referred client, you get your reward.

Our affiliate program is a good fit for anyone interested in it, be it a webmaster-beginner or a web development company.

2. What you get as an affilate

– your client receives high-quality hosting services;
– we thank you with generous rewards (the kind that not all hosting providers can afford to pay);
– we take care of all the technical and customer support;
– we provide you with banners of various dimensions and formats for promoting our services;
– the stats on your referral rewards will always be available in the billing system;
– we can consult you on the most efficient use of promotional materials at any time;
– you can withdraw your reward to your PayPal or IBAN account, provided that you have reached the minimum amount required for withdrawal.

3. Restrictions

– affiliates are not allowed to use spam to attract clients;
– affiliates are prohibited to register accounts for personal use using their own affiliate link;
– it is prohibited to use promotional materials on websites that violate the law.

4. How to become an affiliate

Every client that has an account in our billing system can take part in the affiliate program. (All the necessary information can be found in the ‘Affiliate Program’ section.) In order to get registered in our billing system, it is enough to order a hosting service or complete the registration procedure available here.

5. How to attract referrals

1. When you are logged in, follow the link and choose a suitable banner or get a referral link (it should like this:***).
2. You can place the link or the banner on your website or third-party ones in case it’s not against their rules.
3. Referral links can also be placed on forums in your signature, which is exactly what our affiliates often do.

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