VDS Backup

There are two types of people: those who backup and those who will backup. March 31st is the World Backup Day which should once again remind all users of the importance and necessity of backing up important data.

Domain names registration and renewal price changes.

Dear friends and partners! Starting November 3 prices for domain names renewal and registration will change. Price adjustments are related to price changes of our domain registration service providers. You can check the current prices here. Sincerely, Friendhosting LTD

Storage HDD VDS – servers with a large disk.

Dear friends, glad to announce that new Storage HDD VDS tariff plans are available for order from today. Storage HDD VDS are virtual servers with large disk space. These VDS will be a good solution in cases where a large amount of information needed to store. A distinctive feature of

Keitaro tracker automatic installation.

Dear friends, as you may know our company has been a hosting partner of the Keitaro tracker for a long time. To make the use of our services more smooth our engineers together with the Keitaro developers have automated the process of installing the tracker on the server. So you
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