VDS Reselling

Build a profitable business together with Friendhosting LTD

Friendhosting offers you a unique opportunity to make a profit from reselling our services. If you choose to cooperate with us, you’ll get a certain discount based on how many active services you have at the moment.

Reselling Program Discounts

10+ active servers – 20%
25+ active servers – 25%
50+ active servers – 30%

The same system of discounts is valid for additional services to vds – additional ipv4 and additional disk space.

Friendhosting LTD Reselling Program Advantages:
– You can resell our services under your trademark (white label);
– You don’t need to acquire expensive hardware and wait for its payback for years;
– Low market entry threshold
– API (documentation here) that allows automating order placement and service renewal

VDS Reselling Program Terms:
1. To become a reseller, you need to open a new account without any active services.
2. The new account will be dedicated exclusively to reselling services to third parties.
3. You can’t migrate active services to or from the reseller account.
4. The reseller account can’t be registered via a referral link.
5. It’s prohibited to divert Friendhosting LTD clients to reseller services.
6. The terms under which reseller provides services can’t contradict Friendhosting LTD terms and conditions.
7. Orders placed from the reseller account don’t fall under any additional promo codes or loyalty program discounts.
8. Reseller is responsible for providing technical support to their clients.

To become a reseller, register an account and apply via opening a ticket to the financial department.

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