Looking Glass

Looking Glass services are used for several purposes, including the following ones:
1) To check the availability of a particular resource (or a node on the network) from our sites using ping and traceroute.
2) To check the access speed to our site directly from your place. Our looking glass contains test files for download which will help you to check the download speed.

Based on this data, you can choose the location for ordering a server from us.


The Netherlands, Dronten / Meppel, DC Serverius http://lg-nl.friendhosting.net/
Bulgaria, Sofia, DC Telepoint http://lg-bg.friendhosting.net/
Latvia, Riga, DC DEAC http://lg-lv.friendhosting.net/
Poland, Gdansk, DC Artnet http://lg-pl.friendhosting.net/
Czech Republic, Prague, DC MasterDC http://lg-cz.friendhosting.net/
Switzerland, Geneva, DC Infomaniak http://lg-ch.friendhosting.net/
Romania, Bucharest, DC M247 http://lg-ro.friendhosting.net/
Ukraine, Kharkiv, DC ITL http://lg-ua-kha.friendhosting.net/
Ukraine, Kyiv, DC Ucrcom http://lg-ua-kyiv.friendhosting.net/

North America

USA, Los Angeles, DC Equinix LA http://lg-us-la.friendhosting.net/
USA, Miami, DC Digitalrealty, http://lg-us-mia.friendhosting.net/
USA, New York, DC PureVoltage http://lg-us-nyc.friendhosting.net/


Japan, Tokyo, DC Equinix JP http://lg-jp.friendhosting.net/

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