Looking Glass

Looking Glass services are used for multiple purposes:
1) to check accessibility of given resources from our servers with ping and traceroute.
2) to check the access speed to our resources from your side. For this purpose we’ve placed some test files you can download and check the speed.

So you can make a right choise for best location for your needs.


Netherlands, Dronten / Meppel, DC Serverius, http://lg-nl.friendhosting.net/
Bulgaria, Sofia, DC Telepoint, http://lg-bg.friendhosting.net/
Latvia, Riga, DC DEAC, http://lg-lv.friendhosting.net/
Poland, Gdansk, DC Artnet, http://lg-pl.friendhosting.net/
Czech, Prague, DC MasterDC, http://lg-cz.friendhosting.net/
Switzerland, Geneva DC Infomaniak http://lg-ch.friendhosting.net/
Ukraine, Kharkiv, DC ITL, http://lg-ua-kha.friendhosting.net/
Ukraine, Kyiv, DC Ucrcom, http://lg-ua-kyiv.friendhosting.net/

North America

USA, Los Angeles, DC Coloat, http://lg-us-la.friendhosting.net/
USA, Miami, DC Digitalrealty, http://lg-us-mia.friendhosting.net/
USA, Secaucus, DC XO Communications http://lg-us-nj.friendhosting.net/

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