Tehnical support team operation regulations

The responsibilities of the technical support team include solving the following tasks:

  • Reacting to the clients’ tickets promptly within the boundaries of the administration policy;
  • Blocking accounts without any prior user notification in the case the Terms of Use are violated by the said users;
  • Notifying clients about the planned maintenance on the servers beforehand.

The responsibilities of the technical support team do not include solving the following tasks:

  • Installing and setting up scripts (CMS, their extensions, etc.) and applications, even if the client is not capable of doing this on their own;
  • The tasks that can be carried out using the hosting control panel instead of the client;
  • Providing technical support services for the persons that are not Friendhosting.net clients;
  • Adjusting the settings of the software installed on the client’s computer;
  • Teaching how to work with a PC and other software;
  • Answering to the questions that do not bear any sense or semantic value, contain a lot of syntactical and grammatical mistakes, as well as the ones not directly related to the responsibilities of the technical support team.

The technical support team works 24/7/365, without any breaks or days off.

Our website transfer policy (carried out by the Friendhosting.net technical support specialists)

The client has the right for the website transfer free of charge, under the condition that:

  • The website is transferred from another hosting provider;
  • You ordered a new service (with the exception of the case described below when the client orders a discount server to switch from the current server to a discount one). For instance, if you already have one order in place, placing the second order will provide you with the right to order the transfer of all or some of the websites to the new account within 3 days from the moment of order placement.

Please pay attention that website transfer by the technical support team can’t be done in the case of discount rates ordered with the aim of replacing the current ones. Service orders worth more than €50 each are an exception to this rule.

In the cases not described above, the website transfer costs €10 per hour with the minimum payment of €5. For instance, this can be the case if you need to transfer your websites between two and more orders after three and more days since the order was placed for the new service.

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