Loyalty program

We love pleasing our clients not only with high-quality services but also with our particular attention toward them. This is why we developed a loyalty program that benefits our true-hearted clients. Below you can find the key principles of getting a discount with our loyalty program.

Our loyalty program offers you two types of discounts that can be accumulated and added to one another.

1. Discounts based on the period of use

If you’ve been using our VDS for:
– more than 3 months, your discount will be 1%;
– more than 6 months, you will get 3% off;
– more than 12 months, you will get 5% off.
– more than 18 months, you will get 7% off.
– more than 24 months, you will get 10% off.
– more than 36 months, you will get 15% off.

If you’ve been using our dedicated server service for:
– more than 3 months, your discount will be 1%;
– more than 6 months, you will get 3% off;
– more than 12 months, you will get 5% off.

2. Discounts for the number of ordered services of one type

This discount for VDS is calculated in the following way:
– 5 VDS – 3% discount;
– 10 and more VDS – 5% discount.

This type of discount for our dedicated server service is calculated in the following way:
– 3 dedicated servers – 2% discount;
– 5 and more dedicated servers – 3% discount.

You can see your current discount for a particular order in the billing, in the “Discount” column, next to the name of the tariff plan.

Loyalty program

The loyalty program discount is not applicable to our services in the following cases:

1. There is an individual discount or price for this service.
2. There are additional services for the main one offered at special prices or free-of-charge additional services not included in the pricing plan.

The loyalty program discounts can be used only with VDS and dedicated server orders. They are not applicable to additional services (IP addresses, control panels, additional hard drives, etc.) and virtual hosting.

If personal discounts were set for the services you use or certain additional services were provided free of charge, you can reach out to our finance department and ask us to calculate your potential savings with our loyalty program. It is possible that the total loyalty program discount will be higher than the savings from your individual rates or from the provision of additional services free of charge.

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