Our domain zones
ru 7.99€ in year
business 14.99€ in year
top 12.99€ in year
name 13.99€ in year
com 14.49€ in year
org 16.99€ in year
net 19.49€ in year
info 29.49€ in year
biz 23.99€ in year
pro 32.49€ in year
website 27.99€ in year
online 42.99€ in year
today 29.49€ in year
vacations 37.49€ in year


How much does a domain renewal and transfer cost?

We have a single price for each domain zone for registration, renewal, and domain transfer.

How quickly will a domain be registered?

As a rule, the domain registration procedure takes 10-15 minutes to several hours.

How much does it cost to connect a Privacy Person

It’s free for domains in the .ru zone.
The cost is 5€ per year for other domain zones.

Can I transfer a domain from another registrar to you?

You can transfer a domain to us (except for domains in the .ru zone) from another registrar. The transfer price is the same as for domain registration/renewal. At the same time, the domain registration period will be extended for 1 year.

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