How to manage a website on hosting

To manage a website on hosting or server (VPS or Dedicated) special control panels are used. There are a lot of them. Let’s consider the most common.

Basic Tools for Website Management on Hosting

1. Hosting Control Panel. For example, ISPmanager or Vesta.
Let’s consider the capabilities of the control panel on the example of Vesta:
– domain management (here you can add a domain or create a subdomain);
– file management;
– control of access rights to the account;
– change of the tariff plan;
– MySQL control system;
– application management;
– mail server;
– the function of working with backups;
– IP address management;
– statistical data;
– other capabilities.

Site management through the control panel is carried out mainly at the stage of creating and in case of any major changes. Most of its functions are rarely used in current work. The main work of the webmaster is usually done through the CMS control panel.

2. FTP Server. Thanks to this tool you can upload files to the server or download them to a personal computer for editing. To use ftp-access, you need a special manager. The most popular is FileZilla. The application is completely free and russified. Any novice webmaster can handle it without effort and extra time. To get started, you need to install it on your computer and connect to the server using the data provided by the hoster. An alternative to FileZilla is, for example, CuteFTP. The app is also free.

3. CMS – content management system. It is also often called the platform. The system allows you to create websites and maintain their current work (publish articles and news, post graphic materials, add products to the catalog, etc.) Using the platform you can also install new plug-ins and scripts, customize them, update, delete. Among the most popular are: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. WordPress is the most common platform. It is easy to manage, but has limited capabilities. CMS was primordially developed for blogs. Joomla has great functionality, but is a little bit more complicated. Drupal is more complicated and more suitable for sophisticated users.

VPS Server Management

Server management is carried out by the same means as virtual hosting management, plus a server management console. The webmaster get additional settings and functions, especially if the VPS has hardware virtualization. A specific set of functions depends on your host. Usually the user has the opportunity to restart the server, reinstall the OS, etc.

Our company offers the customers root access, as well as access to vmmanager for managing VPS. Root access can be used to configure the operating system of both a dedicated and a virtual dedicated server.

All the above tools are not always provided by the hoster. Sometimes the webmaster has to install everything he needs by himself.

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