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ENIAC Day sell. Up to 50% discount

February 14th is marked not only as Valentine’s Day but also as ENIAC Day — a day symbolizing the dawn of the digital era for all humanity. It was on February 14, 1946, that the ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator), the first computer in history and the prototype for modern computers, was presented. (more…)

Winter Sale 2023 – Get 30% off on VDS and Virtual Hosting

Winter brings not only snow but also great discounts from Friendhosting! We are launching our “Winter Sale 2024,” which will run from January 22, 2024, to February 14, 2024. Take advantage of our winter sale offers and gift your project with reliable hosting and round-the-clock technical support. (more…)

New Year sale – 40% discount on NVMe VDS and shared hosting

Christmas and New Year are approaching – a time when we feel the joy of gatherings and warm evenings with loved ones, and gifts and surprises bring special pleasure. In the spirit of these holidays, we have prepared the traditional “Happy New Year 2024” sale. It’s an ideal opportunity to gift your projects with reliable hosting and round-the-clock support or to extend your existing order profitably, making your New Year season even more joyful and productive. (more…)

BLACK FRIDAY 2023 – 40% discount on all VDS!

We at Friendhosting have decided to rewrite the rules and start our Black Friday sale right now! Why wait until November 25 when you can start enjoying our incredible offers today? We want to give you the joy of generous discounts for as long as possible! (more…)

Halloween – magical discounts up to 30% on VDS.

Halloween isn’t just a time for jokes and horrors, but also a season of amazing surprises. So, no scares, only profitable offers! In our magical cauldron, a special potion of the latest server solutions, 24/7 support, and enticing discounts is bubbling. We carefully mixed all these and added an ancient spell so that our promotion, filled with magic and benefits, offers you the utmost advantages. (more…)

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