ENIAC Day sell. Up to 50% discount

ENIAC Day sell. Up to 50% discount

February 14th is marked not only as Valentine’s Day but also as ENIAC Day — a day symbolizing the dawn of the digital era for all humanity. It was on February 14, 1946, that the ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator), the first computer in history and the prototype for modern computers, was presented.

On this day that unites hearts and minds, Friendhosting is excited to announce a special sale, offering generous discounts on all new orders and advantageous terms for service renewals. Don’t miss your chance to save and order Progressive NVMe VDS, Storage HDD VDS, or virtual hosting with a 50% discount. Use the promo code eniac24 during the order to receive the discount.

Join our celebration and give a new impetus to your projects with Friendhosting. The offer is limited in time, so don’t miss your chance to realize your most ambitious ideas! Please note that the discount is activated exclusively for the first payment period, so for maximum benefit, we recommend ordering VDS or hosting for the maximum duration of the promo code, which is 3 months.

If you already have an active order, you can also receive discounts on its renewal. By extending your VDS or virtual hosting for a long period — 3, 6, or 12 months, you receive a discount of 3%, 5%, or 10%, which is cumulative with your loyalty program discount up to 25% (Read more about how the loyalty program discount is formed here). Discounts are applied automatically at the last step of payment without needing to contact the finance department.

This offer is valid between 14.02.2024 and 19.04.2024.

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