ENIAC Day sell. Up to 55% discount

ENIAC Day sell. Up to 55% discount

While lovers are sending Valentine’s Day gifts to each other IT specialists celebrate ENIAC day or the World’s First Computer Day. On February 14, 1946 was announced the first launch of ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator), world’s first general-purpose electronic computer.

To celebrate ENIAC Day we’ve prepared a sell you will fall in love with, with a great discounts for new orders and bonuses for the renewal of active services.

For new orders:

Don’t miss your chance to order VDS or virtual hosting with 55% discount. You should use eniac promocode to obtain the discount. Pay attention that discount will work only for the first payment, so we recommend you to order VDS or virtual hosting for 6 months to get maximum benefit.

For existing orders:

If you already have VDS or virtual hosting you can get some bonuses too. Extend your order for a year ( 10% discount + Loyalty program discount will count automatically ) and you will get 1 free month. To obtain this bonus ticket to Financial Department should be created.

Don’t miss your chance to order new VDS or prolong existing one with a big discount.

This offer is valid between 14.02.2021 and 28.02.2021.

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