Fall promotion

Dear customers, glad to announce that we are starting a fall promotion. Since September 23 up to October 7 2019 (inclusive) everyone can order a VPS with a 40% discount (maximum order period is 6 months). Thus, the cost of a virtual server will be only $ 2.09 per month.Use the autumn2019 promo code to get the discount.

We also prepared a surprise with special offer “An old friend is better than two new ones” for friends who previously used our services, but for some reason stoped using them. Ordering VDS (including discount given by promotional code), you will receive:
1) a restored 15% loyalty program discount, which is taken into account in subsequent renewals;
2) free 1 month of VPS

To get the bonus “An old friend is better than two new ones” you need to make a ticket request to the financial department.

If you already have vds then you can also get a bonus: renew the order for a year (when renewing for 12 months a 10% discount + discount by loyalty program will be automatically taken into account) and get 1 month for free.

To get a bonus you must create a request to the financial department.

Do not miss your chance to get the friendhosting fall bonus.

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