“Weekly VDS Backup” service

Policy for the “Weekly VDS Backup” service

Cost of VDS backup

The cost of the service is 0.05 euros per month for 1 GB of VDS disk space.

Cost of the service for each tariff plan:
Micro – €0.25 per month
Start – €0.5 per month
Plus – €1 per month
Profi – €1.75 per month
Business – €3.5 per month
Corporate – €6 per month
Corporate+ – €9 per month
Corporate++ – €12 per month

Data recovery from backup

Please note that backup data is intended for full restoration of the VDS state at the time the backup was created. This means that it is not possible to restore a specific file or database from the backup. After the server is restored from the backup, you will have a server with the same data set that was present at the time the backup was created.

Number of stored copies

We keep at least 4 latest copies of VDS.

Day of VDS backup creation

Unfortunately, there is no specific day when backups are made for all VDSs. The day of backup creation may vary depending on the location of the VDS and even on the specific node of the cluster it is on.

Moreover, sometimes the day of backup creation for a specific VDS may change for a number of reasons. For example, the backup used to be made on Mondays, but then started being made on Thursdays, and then on Sundays. Thus, sometimes the time interval between backups may be longer or shorter than 7 days. However, the VDS backup must be created at least once from Monday to Sunday starting from the week following the order of the additional service.

Skipping VDS backup creation

If, for any reason, the backup is not created from Monday to Friday, you can contact the finance department for compensation. For each missed backup, we are willing to refund 50% of the monthly cost of the weekly server backup, but no more than the monthly cost within a calendar month.

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