Critical vulnerability in Exim CVE-2019-15846. Please update as soon as possible.

Dear customers, in Exim server CVE-2019-15846 vulnerability was found. It can be used to run code as root. All you need is to update Exim to 4.92.2 version. You ca do it by urself or ask us through the ticket.

To update Exim by urself on Centos please type this in command shell:

yum clean all; yum update exim -y; service exim restart

To update Exim by urself on Debian please type this in command shell:

apt-get update; apt install exim4 -y; service exim4 restart

If you have no ability to update Exim, please contact our support team and we’ll do this for you.

Best regards, Friendhosting LTD

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