World Backup Day

World Backup Day

Every year on March 31st the IT community celebrates World Backup Day. The purpose of this holiday is to draw the attention of each user to the importance of regular backups.

It’s very important to be that user who starts making backups not after data loss but after realizing the value of his work.

Regular backups will save your data in the following cases:

  1. Data removal due to inexperience or carelessness.
  2. Force majeure (unsuccessful cms update, problem with extensions, etc.).
  3. Sites got hacked.
  4. Major accident in the data center. No matter how reliable the hosting provider or the data center where it hosts the equipment,a fire can occur for example, as a result of which equipment will be destroyed and all user data will be lost. Such accidents happen very rarely, but they do happen, and the last such case was this year

Make backups and protect your data. You can save backups to your local computer or services such as dropbox or to a remote ftp storage. In order to make the process of creating and storing backups more comfortable we provide a Backup hosting service (remote ftp storage).

Each user who makes a new order or renews Backup hosting will receive as a bonus the same number of months of the paid period as the term for a new order or service renewal.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase or renew your Backup hosting and receive a generous bonus. To receive a bonus after paying for Backup hosting create a ticket to the finance department.

This offer is valid between 03/31/2021 and 04/03/2021 and applies exclusively to the Backup hosting tariffs.

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