VDS Backup

VDS Backup

There are two types of people: those who backup and those who will backup.

March 31st is the World Backup Day which should once again remind all users of the importance and necessity of backing up important data.

Today we want to not only remind you how important it is to back up data, but also provide such an opportunity. We are glad to announce that now all owners of Progressive SSD VDS have access to the “Weekly backup” additional service.

Service information:

  • backup is performed once a week;
  • a total of 4 VDS backups are stored;
  • the cost of the service is €0.05 per month for 1 GB of VDS disk space. Thus, for example, the cost for the VDS Start will be only €0.5 per month, for the VDS Plus €1 per month, and for the VDS Profi €1.75 per month, respectively.

Please note that these backups are intended to fully restore the VDS state at the time the backup was created. This means that a single file or database cannot be restored from a backup. After completing the procedure of restoring a backup you will have at your disposal a server with the data set that was at the time the backup was created.

Value your data – make backups.

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