DC Equinix JP

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Data Center: Equinix JP
Looking Glass: http://lg-jp.friendhosting.net/
Services: Progressive NVMe VDS.

Equinix DC in Tokyo, Japan, is an outstanding data center with excellent connectivity and a strategic location for accessing the Asian region. The data center complies with international security standards, holding appropriate certifications, including SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

Clients from the financial, technological, and media sectors choose this data center for its reliability, stability, and strong connectivity with Asian countries. Thanks to advanced technology and modern infrastructure, Equinix DC offers reliable data storage and processing services, ensuring maximum performance, stability, and security for client applications and services.

This data center is the optimal solution for companies seeking high-quality services in data hosting, considering strict industry standards.

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