VDS Reselling

Dear customers,
glad to announce that we have launched a vds reselling program.

VDS reselling is resale of our virtual servers under your own brand (white label). In other words, you can easily become a hosting provider, without capital investment in infrastructure, focusing on marketing and promoting services under your brand.

Reselling will be interesting for following categories of clients:
— web studios;
— hosting providers;
— to any individuals and entrepreneurs who have the desire and opportunity to provide vds services to their customers.

We are ready to offer generous discounts for our resellers, which depend on the number of active services:

10+ active servers — 20%
25+ active servers — 30%
50+ active servers — 40%

The same discount system works for two additional services — ipv4 addresses and additional disk space.

You can learn more about the reselling program at the link below, by creating a ticket to the finance department or writing mail at [email protected]

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