Virtual hosting is available again.

Dear friends,
glad to announce that we relaunch our virtual hosting services again. There is three tariff plans – Small, Medium and Large wich is for clients with a small amount of sites, that are not very resource demanding. Therefore our virtual hosting will be a perfect desicion for webmasters that won’t order a VDS or their sites are too small for VDS.

For those who have a lot of sites ( domain names ) or their projects uses a lot of resources we still recommend to use VDS. Note that all VDS’s from Start and higher are more powerful than any of virtual hosting.

Some of the technical solutions used on virtual hosting:
1. LSAPI. New type of PHP handler for Apache. Developers says that LSAPI effectiveness is comparable to Nginx + php-fpm.
2. We use special OS for virtual hosting management named CloudLinux
3. You can switch between multiple versions of php from 5.2 up to 7.4 for any site.
4. Ssh access.
5. Load statistics.

and much more.

Learn about virtual hosting tariff plans here

Best regards, Friendhosting LTD

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