Virtual hosting in USA

Dear friends, we are very pleased at seeing you appreciated a virtual hosting, its speed and stability. That is why we’ve decided to expand our virtual hosting locations. Glad to announce that from now you are able to order virtual hosting not only in Netherlands but also in USA, Los

Telegram notifications. Receive notifications to your favourite messanger!

Dear friends, we continue to improve our services and glad to announce new billing functionality that allows to receive following notifications from our Telegram bot: – new invoice from administration – unpaid invoice – paid period expiration – oder blocking – unpaid order deletion – new tickets and new messages

New functionality! Mass order and server renewal

Dear friends, we’re working hard not to only make you to enjoy a quality service but to make it more comfortable and attractive. Glad to announce that we’ve implemented the functionality that makes operations below significantly easier: 1. Mass vds order. To make that you should specify VDS count you

Swiss VDS price cut.

Dear friends, we are glad to inform about Swiss SSD VDS price cut. New prices: Micro – 2.99 € ( previous price – 3.49 €) Start – 4.49 € ( previous price – 4.99 €) Plus – 8.49 € ( previous price- 9.49 €) Profi – 17.25 € ( previous

Virtual hosting is available again.

Dear friends, glad to announce that we relaunch our virtual hosting services again. There is three tariff plans – Small, Medium and Large wich is for clients with a small amount of sites, that are not very resource demanding. Therefore our virtual hosting will be a perfect desicion for webmasters
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