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Friendhosting Hosting contract offer

Customer registration online performer is confirmation that the customer review the agreement and accept it.

General provisions

1.1 this agreement is in the nature of a public offer, and has the proper legal authority.

1.2 CONTRACTOR activates created CUSTOMER hosting account after making the advance payment by the CUSTOMER, according to the order, formed immediately after the above payment or according to the date specified by the customer in email to the address support, after carrying out the above payment.

1.2 provision of services by the CONTRACTOR begins immediately after payment of the hosting account and continues until the end of the accounting period specified by the CUSTOMER when creating your account. Provision of services continues, subject to a positive balance on the account of the customer and, if the agreement has not been terminated at the initiative of one of the parties.

1.3 executor may deliver to the CUSTOMER under this agreement and other related hosting services such as mail, setting up and development of electronic information resource and so on. The cost of such services separately.

The customer undertakes to:

1.4.1 to monitor personal end date cash balance on the website of the Executive Director and the timely payment of hosting services and accompanying them in the manner and within the time limits specified in this agreement.

1.4.2 Use Internet only legal way and not transferred to the CONTRACTOR the responsibility for damages of any kind, which bear the CUSTOMER or a third party in the course of using the CUSTOMER services CONTRACTOR.

1.4.3 does not cause damage to shell programming, technical and software tools, the host machines of CONTRACTOR or third parties.

1.4.4 specialists comply with the instructions of the Executive Director regarding the use of the services and the Internet.

1.4.5 does not hold responsibility for any claims and responsibility for the debt, damages, costs and expenses, including all legal expenses, attorneys fees and lawyers that have arisen as a result of lawsuits and court decisions that directly or indirectly relate to the services provided by the agent.

1.4.6 while creating order and invoice for the services the CUSTOMER automatically agrees to the collection and processing of his personal data.

1.4.7 keep confidential their registration data.

1.5. The customer undertakes not to place prohibited: Email spam, fraud, crack/hack sites, doorway pages, scan ports.) propaganda of fascism, the promotion of drugs, pedophilia, anti-Government, pyramid projects. Artist will block prohibited during discovery or complaint from a law enforcement agency.

1.6. the customer undertakes to delete content hosted on his site after a complaint from the copyright holder. The executor is obliged to notify the customer and provide time for 12:0 am deleting content.

1.7. To implement fully other duties determined by this agreement.

Customer has the right:

2.0 Require from the Contractor to provide services in accordance with this Agreement.

2.1. the client may request a refund by sending a support ticket through the ticket system. Return shall be expended. This means that are not returned: the actual expenses occurred.

Executor does not secure sending and receiving CUSTOMER e-mail messages in the following cases:

3.1 the mail server where the mailbox resides, to the address which you are sending the e-mail message the customer does not accept the EXECUTIVE server on it sent message;

3.2 non-CONTRACTOR mail servers in the path of the e-mail message are invalid or have incorrect configuration that prevents delivery of messages or resulting in distortion of the message content;

3.3 CUSTOMER'S mailbox is full;

3.4 not owned by the CONTRACTOR DNS-servers in the domain, to the address from which sends or receives e-mail messages that are not connected to the Internet or do not function in accordance with the standards or contain DNS zone records needed to ensure the delivery of e-mail messages.