Tester’s day sale. Discount up to 55%

Tester's day sale. Discount up to 55%

This day, September 9th, our company traditionally congratulates the professionals who are struggling with the imperfection of the world. Most often they remain in the shadows and their work isn’t always visible to ordinary users. But thanks thank to them a software works as intended. Today we congratulate all QA on Tester’s Day!

In honor of Tester’s Day we have prepared a holiday sale that will fall in love with generous discounts for new orders and bonuses for renewals already active.

For new orders:

Don’t miss your chance to order VDS or virtual hosting with 55% discount. You should use tday21 promocode to obtain the discount. Pay attention that discount will work only for the first payment, so we recommend you to order VDS or virtual hosting for 6 months to get maximum benefit.

For existing orders:

If you already have VDS or virtual hosting you can get some bonuses too. Extend your order for a year ( 10% discount + Loyalty program discount will count automatically ) and you will get 1 free month. To obtain this bonus ticket to Financial Department should be created.

Don’t miss your chance to order new VDS or prolong existing one with a big discount.

This offer is valid between 09.09.2021 and 30.10.2021.

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